Will a Patent Protect Me?

The amount of protection a patent offers is basic. Often a search for new patent can help a person determine whether asking for a patent is a worthy endeavor. However, the way a patent application is made also gives the product certain protection, or limits that protection. An attorney should be the one to write the patent agreement and the inventor should ask the attorney about methods of using the invention or carrying out so that the application can be written accordingly.

The part that is protected by the patent is what is described in the application or claims. These should be written in a truly bind able way so that no one can work around it as explained in details on

When an inventor states ‘patent pending’ on his product, it refers to the fact that an application in the patent office has been made. Patents in the United States are not binding until the patent application has been reviewed and the patent has actually been issued. However, a ‘patent pending’ statement can discourage the competition and inform them that they may lose money if the patent is issued.

You especially need to know if your patent significantly differs from other products currently being used. Do your research on the web. Look for companies in the industry and see what they have done. Research any other pending patents for similar products. Talk to a specialized attorney or patent agency such as InventHelp.

You should have an actual product that works. Most inventions take two or three tries to get a working model, however when faced with a working model you leave no room for doubt. Just to get a patent the inventor has to be able to show the invention or describe it well enough that someone else can replicate it. This is probably the best reason a prototype should be made that can be tested. Of course, if the manufacture of the prototype is going to be so expensive that you have to find outside investment then you probably want to see if you can get patent protection before building it.


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