What’s the Best Hair Loss/Regrowth Shampoo?

There are many shampoos on the market that tout themselves as “hair loss shampoos.” What the unwary consumer may not know is that the vast majority of these products do nothing at all to stop hair loss. They do not make less hair fall out, and they certainly do not cause the growth of new hair. All they do is coat each strand of hair with thickening agents so that existing hair takes on a fuller appearance.

Most “hair loss” shampoos, therefore, do little more than conceal hair loss. This is not true of all such products, however. There is a hair loss shampoo on the market that contains active ingredients that block DHT and this shampoo can REALLY help to stop hair loss. The shampoo I refer to is Hair Restoration Laboratories hair regrowth shampoo widely regarded as the very best hair loss/regrowth shampoo currently available.

Hair Restoration Laboratories Shampoo: Expense

Hair Restoration Laboratories shampoo is probably an expensive alternative currently available, retailing at a rate of $19.99 for an 16 ounces bottle. However, users report that this amount of shampoo will typically last many months. This means that even though their shampoo is expensive, it is not prices outside the range of the ordinary consumer. You may have to give up one dinner out in order to free up funds to purchase a bottle of Hair Restoration Laboratories shampoo, but if you are having problems with hair loss, that’s a sacrifice you are probably more than willing to make.

Hair Restoration Laboratories Shampoo: Effectiveness

This high price, however, is only worth the outlay if Hair Restoration Laboratories shampoo indeed works. Both research studies and casual users suggest that it actually does. The hair regrowth shampoo contains the active ingredient Saw Palmetto as well as Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, a hair growth stimulant.

What sets Hair Restoration Laboratories products apart from most hair loss shampoos is its use of active ingredients that actually promote the growth of new, healthy hair, while at the same time providing the cleansing action you would expect from a fine shampoo.


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