The One True Path to CryptoCurrency Trading Success

Forget all the b.s. that they feed you: Make millions in just 6 weeks. Effortless income in minutes. It’s simply not true. Learning anything takes time, money and effort.

But what’s missing for you right now is a way for you to capture and collate your trades and your trading decisions so you can take a look closer at your behaviour.

Why using a spreadsheet is not enough

Every trading decision is based on your reaction to what you see on the charts. If you’re using a spreadsheet, where do you put your chart screenshots?

Leaving out a record of what you were seeing (or what you thought you were seeing) is a major mistake. With Crypto Tracker, you fill this gap.

How capturing your thoughts and charts accelerates your progress

Once you can see a collection of your trades and the decisions you made, you’ll begin to see patterns in your behaviour and decision making. You’ll come to know your compulsions and fears and build a picture of who you are when you are trading. This is the first step to a becoming a better trader.

Tracking your trades is such a simple thing but it provides such great insights, and whether you had winning or losing trades there’s always something you can learn.


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