Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment

20% of the people suffering from SAD can develop bipolar disorder or manic-depressive disorder as well. Here, patients with affective disorder may suffer from diverse type depression, including hypomania in summer and major depression in winter.

A careful observation, as well as the right medical supervision make it easier to diagnose this disorder , and even if any of your near and dear ones are found to have SAD, don’t feel low, various forms of effective treatment, including psychotherapy, medication or a slight change in diet can help men and women to have a better mental health. Just back them with a little clinical help, and some support, they will come out of the blues.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamp

The American Medical Association as well as the American Psychiatric Association advocates light therapy or phototherapy to be a very effective means of keeping depressive mood at bay. It has been observed that thanks to the seasonal pattern, and also owing to the body’s reaction to less sunlight, the occurrences of S.A.D are more frequent in northern latitudes. So this therapy imitates outdoor light and attempts to cause a big change in brain chemicals, which are connected to mood.

How Do They Make It?

First of all, light therapy calls for extremely bright light. To make it, a light box is needed which can produce almost 10,000-lux, which is about 20 times brighter than usual room lighting. For best results, patients need to sit about 23 inches away from the light. Make sure that the patient sits with his eyes open. The light box is placed at eye level on such an angle that it offers maximal comfortable and efficacious view sans glaring too much at it. Patients may read at the desk, or simply sit at the chair. Just maintaining the optimum temperature is necessary. Ideally, this must be done 20-30 minutes a day. If done regularly, Patients can feel its effect within two days or two weeks of the treatment. If the indications do not better, the treatment can be increased up to 45 minutes every day. Nevertheless, certain researches show that light exposure in early morning somewhat yields better result than exposure in the noon. And ideally, Light therapy should be started by late August/early September, before the problems start.

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The efficacy of light therapy still calls for debate, but many studies have proved that just about 75% of S.A.D. sufferers have enjoyed a better mental health after undergoing light therapy.

However, prior to buying a light therapy box, it is always wise to consult a doctor to get a high-quality unit.

Now as for the side effects, patients under light therapy often complain of eyestrain, cephalalgia, dry eyes, and reduced sleep. If this happens, you can cut down the time of treatment or make your patient sit farther from the light.


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