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First off let’s be clear that organic SEO is not for everyone. SEO is a long range strategy. It is the most cost-effective means of increasing website visibility if you’re willing to stay the course. But if you’re just looking for a quick influx of traffic, look to pay-per-click advertising.

Secondly, if you only have a few pages of text content on your site and don’t intend to add any more, then it would probably be a waste of money to have it SEO’d. It might improve your rankings as much as 400%, but if that means you go from being the millionth site to the 250th it’s not going to result in an increase in traffic.

Search engine optimization is a long range strategy. Your initial investment in infrastructure will be the largest; the cost of incremental optimization over time will be relative to how aggressively you want to pursue highly competitive keywords. You’ll find a clear and simple explanation of this in our article on how to choose keywords for SEO.

Short-Term SEO Results

The short-term results of SEO will be relative to the size of your website and the quality of your text content. SEO provides the maximum achievable leverage of whatever content you have, giving you the best possible chance of landing at the top.

Once your site is optimized it should be hand-submitted to the search engines to ensure the highest probability that it will be indexed quickly and thoroughly. Once submitted, it’s up to the search engines how soon they will “crawl” your site and assign rankings. Often they show up within a week, but waits of 90-120 days are not uncommon. If your website is brand new, Google will probably not begin to give your site the rankings it deserves until it’s at least six months old. They want to be sure it’s a serious authority site that is here to stay.

Once your site is indexed (and you’re out of the “Google Sandbox”), you’ll begin to see an increase in traffic. It is actually quite easy to get high rankings for keywords that very few people search on. But although a list of #1 ranking keywords may look impressive, it’s the traffic that counts.

A you can see on SEO Power Blog too, an ongoing SEO campaign will move your website up the rankings over time for increasingly competitive keywords. Right from the start, though, you will see an increase in traffic, and you will be surprised by the variety of keywords people will find you on.

Long-Term SEO Results

If you are targeting very popular keywords, the competition will be stiff. It will require a long range strategy to compete for keywords that millions of other websites are targeting too. You compete by adding content and/or improving your link popularity over time. SEO builds a framework that will greatly magnify the contribution each new page is able to make to your overall search engine rankings.

The internet levels the playing field and presents marvellous opportunities to anyone who is willing and able to create a website that provides real value. By leveraging your authority content through an effective long-term SEO strategy there is no limit to what you can achieve.


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