Restaurant delivery business tips

When you are deliberating whether to start up a food delivery service, here are some final things to consider:

1) Will you enforce a minimum order charge for deliveries? For most companies this ranges from $10-$15 but is completely up to the restaurant owner.2) Will you charge a delivery fee? Many restaurants offer free delivery services in order to promote their service, but you will need to decide if this is something your business can afford to utilize.

3) Provide proper training for delivery persons. They are ambassadors for your business so should be well-trained, have a great service personality, and be reliable and friendly.

4) Last but certainly not least, figure out how you will market your services. Will this strictly be for residential customers, or will you also offer delivery services for large orders to banquet or corporate events and luncheons?


After you have taking all of the preparation and consideration necessary, it’s time to utilize this information to get the best out of your restaurant delivery business.

Food safety is going to be an important consideration. When packaging for food delivery, you need to be sure that the food containers will withstand transport without breaking (or leaking), and keep the hot meals packed separately from cold foods like salads or desserts. Food temperature must be maintained throughout the delivery process since food quality and safety can be compromised if temperatures fall into the Food Danger Zone category. It is also advised to put a “use-by date” or reheating instructions if people want to keep some of the meal for leftovers.

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