OEM and ODM Helping Launch Brands Worldwide

OEM and ODM Helping Launch Brands Worldwide

You’ve heard the terms OEM and ODM but have no idea what it’s all about. If you start to check the real meaning of OEM and ODM online, this can be confusing especially since it is not related to the way it is used in the import niche. The meaning of OEM may be that “a company that produces parts and equipment that can be marketed by another manufacturer” or a company that is responsible for designing and building a product to its own specifications and then selling the product to another company or company responsible for its distribution.

While ODM stands for Original Designed Manufacturer, it could provide customers with a full service such as R & D products, targeted products and production. Only with the expected function expected and the performance of the products or even the design, the ODM manufacturers could implement the design.

OEM and ODM Helping Launch Brands Worldwide

The biggest difference between OEM and ODM is not just in their names. OEM products are produced specifically for brand manufacturers and can only use that specific brand without abuse of other names from intermediate manufacturers. While the MDG products are in a different situation. It depends on whether the brand companies own the copyrights of those products, otherwise the intermediate manufacturers have the right to be manufactured under the condition of not using the design recognition of the companies involved.

It takes some time grasp the meaning of OEM vs ODM: this is due to the large number of misleading people who post on the web, even the authorities sometimes do wrong.


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