Leverage the Synergy of Trigger Words

There is a natural synergy between the most effective website development tactics for attracting traffic and those for converting it (getting people to buy). The way to leverage that synergy is to build your website architecture around your target market’s “trigger words.” These are the words that provoke an emotional response in your customers, the words that trigger a felt awareness of their need for your product.

SEO Agentur Berlin are specialists for trigger words optimizing. By optimizing trigger words they will increase website traffic selectively. The targeted website traffic they attract with those insightfully chosen keywords are more likely to be motivated buyers. Knowing what motivates them, they know how best to serve them. SEO Agentur Berlin builds your website around your buyers’ need to find what they searched for… and what happens after that–which is that they learn what they need to know in order to decide to become your customer.

The result of synchronizing your SEO with your conversion strategy is a higher conversion rate. That means SEO Agentur Berlin will increase Internet sales at minimum cost.

Targeted Website Traffic

This targeted website traffic constitutes your accessible target market for Internet sales achievable via search engine optimization. Due to the restraints on the actual keywords you can realistically control (see keyword research), your target market for Internet sales via SEO may be different from your target market for your other marketing endeavors.


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