How to Patent an Idea

If you have developed a product and you are ready to present it to a manufacturing company, you will most likely be asked to present a patent for your new product.

There are many things you may want to consider before applying for a patent. The uniqueness of your product or service is the first factor that should be considered. Additionally, a product must be affordable to the marketplace in order to be profitable. If you have these things worked out, the following information will be helpful to you.

Patents are instruments issued by the U.S. that will allow someone to prevent others from stealing their ideas and profits. Specifically, a patent will stop someone from producing, selling, utilizing or offering to sell the product in the U.S. or to import it within the U.S. Eligibility will require that the product or invention has unique characteristics and not have an apparently average expertise. This means that you will not be allowed to patent laws of nature, printed material or supposition as described in the article on in details.

Types of Patents

Utility patent. A utility patent is issued to protect the way a product works and the way it is used. Utility patents can be issued to those who invent new and useful methods, machines, devices, manufactured items and chemical compounds. Utility patents may also be issued for unique and useful improvements to any product or process. This type of patent is only granted when the invention or process has a purpose or function.

Design Patent. A design patent will protect the ornamental appearance of an item. The utilitarian features of the design will not be protected by this type of patent. A design patent is very narrow and specific. Design patents will last for 14 years.

Plant Patent. Plant patents are issued when an individual discovers a new plant species that is grafted and reproduced. This new species must be markedly different from other existing species.

Patenting process is very complex and wile this was a short review of the process you can find a complete guide on


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