It is the star garment of winter, which protects us most from the cold and marks the look. This season will take the oversize and layers, but the ideal, rather than follow the dictates of fashion, is to look for a fur coat that feels good and adapts to the geography of your body. We have asked several fashion experts to help us choose the fur coat that best suits each silhouette.


If you are small and thin, like Olivia Palermo, avoid long coats because they will shorten your figure even more. Experts believe that the three quarters are optimal for this type of body. One option could be a right up to the beginning of the leg. Avoid flights, large buttons, and large pockets, since everything that is wide at the sides will make it look shorter.

High and athletic

Those with this type of body have the advantage that they can use practically all coat models. They feel good in oversize style, so fashionable for winter. The fashion producers always recommend that It could be an oversize sailor or a very long military man. Avoid, shoulder pads so that you will not look like a wardrobe; “Usually, this body shape has shoulders, and the idea is to soften the figure.”

With big of a chest

Women with large breasts should avoid attention to the upper body. Abstain from using XL buttons or double buttons, which widens and preferably opt for models with thin flaps. Fashion designers always recommend the bell-shaped coats, wider in the ring, to balance volumes. You can also wear the fur coat without buttoning or V-neck to make the neck look longer.


Experts agree that women with a rectangle type (shoulders, waist, and hips equal, without curves.) have to opt for fitted fur coats. They feel good for those who wear tweezers and cuts to give good shape and form curves. A fur coat with a belt or trench coat will be a good choice, although you can also choose a trapeze or flared. However, square models such as pinstripe or oversize are not advisable. However, wide pockets on the hips can help to make curve effect.

Wide Hips

Experts recommend dressing models with details on the top. That is, place the focus in the upper area to disguise the bottom. “Fur Coats with shoulder pads, big collars, medium-term buttons will help balance the body.” You have to avoid very wide coats down. For women with an hourglass type, like Scarlett Johansson, a trench coat or a coat with a thin belt that frames the waist can be the best choice, for you.

Inverted triangle

This type of body is characterized by the shoulders being wider than the hips. You have to take your attention away from the upper part of the body and that’s why the coat has to be without shoulder pads. The image consultants believe that the focus must be on the hips to balance the body. Discard the straight fur coats and opt for those that are wider at the bottom. They can be with flights in the hips, wide pockets and cut flared.

It is very important that the fur coat is functional and comfortable. We must not forget that it will go on top of other garments, sometimes even on top of the jacket, and therefore, it must be loose. For more information visit:


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