Fox Feeders – A Necessary Accessory

Caring for a bunch of foxes can be a very difficult and exhausting job. If you are just raising foxes and still have a full time job, chores can really get you out of many things. One of the most important is the daily watering and feeding that you must do to provide the foxes with the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Fortunately, if you’d rather spend less time doing these mundane tasks, there is a automatic Foxes Feeding Machine available to help.

Foxes are not particularly greasy creatures. They will eat until they are satisfied and then they will take care of your business. Therefore, most fox feeding machines work from a very simple design with minimal human interaction. On most models, it simply fills a larger hopper with feed that drains automatically to a central feed tray. As the foxes consume more food, the extra food in the hopper is filtered and keeps the tray full.

While you can purchase various models of fox feeders at agricultural supply stores. With a little research and a bit of naivety on your part, you can easily buy some homemade fox feeding device. Most online suppliers of fox coop plans will include information and plans for fox feeders. While these are the simplest designs, a little initial thinking and planning about your design and integration into your fox coop will be lucrative.


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