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You have probably been inundated with advertisements for home security systems, particularly now, with the poor economy spawning more burglaries. They are everywhere. On television and the radio, in newspapers and magazines. They are even on the backs of restroom stall doors. Every company wants your business, and they will say just about anything to get you to buy your system from them. Because of this, it is important for you to understand how to compare the various companies out there so that you get exactly what you need.


Of course, your main concern is how much a home security system is going to cost. This is certainly an important factor, but it should not be your only criteria. You should find out how much each company charges to install your system and how much they charge to provide monthly monitoring. These costs are where you will find most of the discrepancies between companies. You will also find cost differences on equipment and the type of monitoring you choose. For example, you might want monitoring for burglary, medical and fire, while someone else might want monitoring for burglary only. That person’s monthly cost would be lower than yours.


You are not going to find too many differences in the kind of equipment that is used by home security companies. This is because they are all made up of similar components. You will get a main control panel with a keypad, door and window sensors and a loud siren. Most companies will allow you to add on other security components, but all companies will usually offer similar items.


You are going to want a company that doesn’t just sell you their system and then disappear. You want a company that stands behind their product and provides repair and replacement services in addition to sales. You should also choose a company that is willing to send out a representative to your home before you ever commit to a contract to help you identify where your home is most vulnerable. At this point, your representative will recommend the various components you could use, but you should get at least three quotes from three different companies in this manner before you make a decision. Be up front and tell the rep that you are considering other companies. You can tell a lot by that person’s response. If they are willing to compete with other companies without getting pushy, you can be sure that their service will be above average.


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