Choosing the perfect trampoline

Children love the outdoors; they love to enjoy the nice and sunny weather. As soon as you realize that fact, a light will go off in your brain and you will go “we need a trampoline!” A trampoline will seem like the perfect solution.

Trampoline’s are great fun, and if you consider buying one, also consider all of the safety aspects. Getting a trampoline surround along with the trampoline will ensure the safety of your children or anyone that chooses to enjoy it. With a trampoline surround, no one will be falling off or in this case “bouncing” off of the sides and becoming injured. A trampoline surround is a sort of “safety net” , keeping everyone safe on the inside. A trampoline surround is very simple, it is an enclosure made of a net and foam covered poles.

Things you will need to think about when you are about to a buy a round trampoline and a trampoline surround. You need to make sure that it is located in a safe area. The area needs to be on level ground, which will make sure it not only does not sink or tip, but it will give you the best bounce. The area also needs to be a texture like dirt or grass. You need to put it on textured ground like this because you need the trampoline to be able to give a little. It is similar to a care in a sense that it needs to be able to have shock absorbing properties about it. Making sure that the ground is soft, but not too soft is key. Also, you never want to put a trampoline over any sort of water; water will make the surface slippery and can be very dangerous. If you are looking for a water trampoline , they make those too specific for pools and lakes.

If you want to know where to buy one, check out your local sporting goods store or even online. Make sure that you know the height and size that you desire so you can make sure to get the right size trampoline surround. The surround will come in many different widths, heights and colors so you can pretty much pick out exactly what you and/or your children want. If you want to order online, you can just search “trampoline surrounds” and a ton of articles and websites that offer the products will be found.

All of us love to watch kids enjoy themselves, especially in the summer. But the most important part of all of this is that we need to make sure they are having “safe fun”. Safe fun is checking to make sure that their toys and things that they are physically jumping on are secure and there is no chance of them hurting themselves by falling off. If you have a safety net (surround) you will never need to worry. The kids will be able to jump and bounce as high as they please because the adults will all have that little piece of mind knowing that there will not be any sort of emergency room visits in the very near futures.When it comes to trampoline safety, trampoline surrounds are the best hands down. We will not have to constantly worry about children hitting their heads or breaking their limbs as much as we always did before. Thanks to safety nets that sporting good stores have to offer, we will have so many fewer accidents.


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