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Best Operating System For Gaming

Probably all PC users know and understand briefly about operating system (OS) and also know about the importance of and OS in running the PC. In simple language, OS can be understood as the most important software component on your PC. It is vital for every PC because without an OS it is far from imagination to run any of the programs that you usually install on your PC. Moreover, your PC wouldn’t be able to install programs without an OS. It would be impossible for the PC to access files or the Internet or any other information without the OS. By now, probably you would have understood the significance of the OS for your PC. Therefore, it is more than important for every PC users to consider intelligently about the OS before buying a PC.

Since majority of users are not aware of these technical nitty-gritty related to the OS, we in this article are discussing the 5 important tips that will help a prospective PC buyer in choosing the right OS. There are various operating systems available in the market which include – Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. So you have to be detail-oriented if you want to pick the best among them.

Know clearly the purpose of your PC

This is the most important thing you need to do before choosing the OS. You must know clearly the use of your PC. For example, if you are using your PC for business-related activities then you require an OS that should be capable of handling important business data and documents conveniently. PCs are typically used for gaming, word processing, multimedia editing and server-related activities. Nowadays, most of the PCs come pre-installed with Windows OS such as Windows 7 or Windows 8 and Apple computers come installed with Mac OS X operating system, but if you are an ardent gamer, you should get yourself theĀ best operating system gaming.

Know the hardware specifications of your PC

You also require looking at the hardware specifications of your PC before choosing the OS, no matter whether you using a desktop, server or a smartphone. It helps you compare the specifications of your PC with those prescribed by the OS.

Below mentioned are the hardware specifications which you need to look at:

Version and frequency of CPU Total RAM Version and model of RAM and VRAM Free space on the hard disk drive, Type of Optical Drive, Type of Internet Connection.

Best Operating System For Gaming


No one can deny the importance of security for your PC and the OS on your system plays a vital role in maintaining it. The security provided by each of the OS available in the market differs. For example, Mac OS X and Unix are considered as the most secure OSes available today. On the contrary, Microsoft Windows and Linux are construed as the less secure OSes that can invaded by virus authors and hackers easily. So this is the point on which, you need to take a pause and think considerably.

Software licenses

The next important thing which you need to consider is the license of the software. Software in the market is available with different usage licenses such as single-user, multi-user, concurrent and site. The software with single user license can be used on one PC. On the contrary, multi-user software can be installed on several machines. It is more suitable for professional units where you require software for several PCs.

Look at the types of software

The last but not the least tip for choosing the right OS for your PC is to look into the types of software. This is another type of software licensing that determines the restrictions and access policies or rights to use the software. Types of software can be classified into following categories.

Public Domain

Public domain software are those that are free to install and use without any copyright restriction.


Shareware are the software that contain ad material and poses usage restriction.

Custom-made Software

Such software are designed in a specific environment to precisely meet the requirement of a designated client.

Open Source software

It is a kind of freeware which is freely available for variety of users. Users can also access the source codes of such software without any restriction.

Over and above the above mentioned tips, you are also recommended to some online research to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of various operating systems. After considering all these factors and suitability to your PC, you should choose your OS as it is the software that will determine the performance of your PC.


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