Android Kodi Box Buyers – Comprehensive Guide For Great Streaming & Entertainment

If you are looking for high definition media entertainment on your TV minus cords, the Android Kodi box fits the purpose well. Android TV set-top boxes installed and configured with free Kodi media app have enabled users to properly stream movies, videos, music files, TV programs and other digital content from the PC, local network and the Internet and get entertained for hours. They have all the basic features of a smart Android TV box and lots of Kodi add-ons which will surely revolutionize the way anyone is having entertainment so far. Today’s generation will find a perfect option for the ultimate entertainment in using Android Kodi boxes which are reasonably priced devices to stream media content directly to the TV without any problem of buffering.

What is an Android Kodi Box?

The Android Kodi Box has the flexibility to install Kodi apps from Google Play Store and literally play and watch whatever games, music, podcasts, videos and the media files you want that run on Kodi. There will be an unlimited possibility for your entertainment as the list of Kodi addons can expand according to your needs and preference. The Android Kodi boxes are more than a cool entertaining device, turning your regular TV into a smart one for getting the most amazing multimedia experience all the time.

What Technical Specifications Do You Need to Focus on?

There are some key specifications of Android powered Kodi boxes which should be compared with different models to find theĀ best Kodi build and chosen as per your own budget.

SOC or System-On-Chip – It is the hardware consisting of the CPU, GPU and VPU circuits in a combination and also referred to as SOC chipset. No doubt, System on Chip is crucial to smoothly playback standard as well as HD video codecs using Kodi.

CPU or Central processing unit – To smoothly browse the web, play your favorite games and stream and run programs supported by Apps like Kodi, a Quad-Core CPU will be the ideal feature. Don’t get fooled by Dual Core CPU’s unless you are ready to purchase an earlier generation inexpensive box.

GPU or Graphics processing unit – The greatly performing Android Kodi boxes these days are coming with an Amlogic Quad-Core CPU combined with the Mali 450 3D GPU for perfect image display.

Flash Memory or Storage Space – For web browsing and media streaming a Quad core CPU with 2GB of RAM and 8GB Flash will be the right choice. Or you can spend a little more on an Octa-Core CPU (exclusively designed with 4K HDR10 / Dolby Vision compatibility) 2GB RAM and 16GB Flash which is capable to play in whatever format comes to the file.

RAM or Random Access Memory – RAM may vary from 1GB to 4GB in many cases. Again the rate of streaming on your Android TV you want will decide the amount of RAM you need. You can get the maximum RAM your budget allows, however, for a decent streaming experience 2GB will be enough.

Buy The Right Android Kodi Box Fitting Your Needs and Budget

With all the above useful guidance, it may become easy and fast to decide what specifications in Kodi box will fit your budget and needs but with a word of caution. There are many Android Kodi box manufacturers who make cheap counterfeit copies of branded Kodi TV boxes available in the market. They use cheap components and don’t often test the device for streaming performance, even raising the chance of fire risk as such companies compromise quality for their profit. You should avoid ordering low quality boxes which could not live up to your expectation and will prove to be a bad investment. So, go for the leading Android Kodi box manufacturers and suppliers that offer you a great selection of top performing Kodi TV boxes on sale for optimum entertainment.


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